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TIPCO is one of the leading manufactures of Commercial and Industrial Heat Pumps, Domestic Heat Pumps, Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pumps in India. TIPCO Energy’s vision is “To be a young company forever and leave more blue sky and white clouds to the future generations.”

TIPCO has build up a complete heat pump technology and Industry. TIPCO Energy has developed many energy saving, high efficiency and environmental friendly heat pumps, heating and hot water system for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications. TIPCO Energy products include air source to hot water heat pumps namely

01. LZ Series Residential Compact All in One Heat Pump
02. JZ SP Series Floor Mounted Heat Pump
03. JZ KJ Series Wall Mounted Heat Pump
04. DC Inverter Monoblock 3 in 1 Air Source Heat Pump
05. NJX-JG-JZ—Air Source Inverter Instant Heating Heat Pump
06. GY Series Swimming Pool Heat Pump
07. GB Series Commercial Heat Pump
08. GQ Series Multifunctional Heat Pump
09. GK Series Heat Pump Water Chiller Unit
10. TIPCO Energy Fan Coil
11. B Series Residential Monoblock Heat Pump

TIPCO air source heat pump is specially designed to make high temperature hot water, cooling and heating for Hotels, Hospitals, Flats, Houses, Schools and Industries so on.

TIPCO Energy also produces air source heat pump for cold Nordic climates with both hot water and heating which can run at -25oC also. Taking advantage of the testing equipments, TIPCO Energy has successfully established quality control laboratory for testing process.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are integral to an air conditioning system, transferring heat from one environment to another via a refrigerant. Heat pumps also offer a cost-effective heating solution - and air source heat pumps are recognised as a renewable heat technology. In cooling mode, heat pumps work by transferring the heat from a room or internal space to the outside air, thus cooling the inside area. In reverse, heat pumps can extract latent heat from the outside air (even when the temperature outside is down to -20oC) and pump it inside to heat indoor spaces.

Efficiency of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are around 300-400% efficient. This means that for every unit of energy used by the heat pump in operation, three to four units of heat are generated for use in a building. As heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, they are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems. Heat pumps featuring TIPCO Energy inverter technology are particularly efficient for all kinds of indoor heating. Using an integrated heat pump solution to both cool and heat a building can also mean a lower initial investment, as well as simpler operation and maintenance procedures.

Heat Pumps for Homes

TIPCO Energy has applied its heat pump expertise to create range of domestic heating solutions. High temperature and low temperature options are available to suit all kinds of properties - new and old, large and small. Now TIPCO Energy offers a unique new heat pump solution for apartment buildings and collective housing.

Heat Pumps for Commerce and Industry

TIPCO Energy commercial heat pump products include VRVs and chillers, which offer highly efficient heating as well as cooling. Within industrial settings, heat pumps also deliver unparalleled process efficiency to meet the most exacting industrial heating and cooling requirements.

Heat Pump Water Heaters provide a very suitable and efficient alternative to the regular water heater. Here are a few benefits of using Heat Pump Water Heaters.

1. It can heat up large volume of water at a time. They come in different varieties having different capacities.
2. These are highly cost effective as they consume lesser electricity to heat up the same volume of water than a regular water heater.
3. They do provide service for a long time. Meaning? They have a long life.
4. They can act as coolers as well as they tend to cool up the place where they are installed.
5. Heat Pump Water Heaters are absolutely safe.
6. The installation requires little effort. Also they are easy to maintain.

• 100% Indian owned.
• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are truly of commercial grade and deliver high thermal efficiency and hot water.
• Built with nothing but state of art quality components to create not just a durable and sustainable heat pump, but one that demonstrates optimal performance every time.
• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps deploy a special type of CFC free refrigerant that doesn’t negatively affect the earth’s ozone layer thus reducing our carbon footprint.
• Hydrophilic Fin Evaporator to reduce corrosion by expelling water away from the evaporator fins.
• Best Compressor brands used - Copeland, Danfoss, Mitsubishi
• Designed for the diverse Indian Weather conditions- works in the very warm and humid climate to more cooler weather conditions.

Heat Pump Water Heaters are a tremendous innovation in the field of appliances, especially the ones which are light on the electricity consumption. So if you want to spend lesser than what you pay currently for using warmer water, heat pump water heater is the thing which you would not want to miss out on.

Born from the quest to produce sustainable solutions in the energy market to help reduce energy usage and bring down carbon emissions, TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are better known as ‘energy multipliers’ that extract the latent heat existent in the atmosphere to heat your water and reduce water heating energy consumption by as much as one fourth.

Research, development and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do and this is reflected in the quality of each and every TIPCO Energy Heat Pump.

• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are most energy efficient available without compromising on the heating performance.
• Ideal for the replacement of old electric water heaters and ideal where it is not practical to install collectors on the roof due to matters of roof space, orientation or construction.
• Using up to 75% to 80% less energy than conventional electric water heaters.
• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are one of the quietest heat pumps in India, operating at only less than 50 dB(A) so they can be installed conveniently anywhere.
• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are extremely reliable and a steady source of heat with an average life span of up to 20years.
• TIPCO Energy Heat Pumps are cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers and require less maintenance than combustion heating systems.

Heat Pumps uniquely convert unused “ambient heat” into heat of utilizable temperatures, by inputting a very small amount of primary energy without burning fossil fuels as a source of CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Heat Pumps need electricity that is only about one-fourth in order to collect “one unit of heat”. Therefore, heat pumps produce heat energy that far exceeds the primary energy consumed at power stations, even if the loss in the process of generation of electricity is taken into consideration. For these reasons, Heat Pumps can dramatically reduce the damage to the environment.

Advantages of Heat Pump

01. Energy Saving
02. Environmental Friendly
03. Space Saving
04. Safety
05. Easy to Install & Maintain
06. Comfortable
07. Heat Recovery


01. Domestic hot water, Space heating, Cooling for Bungalows, Apartments, Farm House, Villas
02. Sanitary hot water for Hotels, Hospitals, Leisure center
03. Commercial heating & cooling for Buildings, Complexes etc.
04. Constant hot water for Swimming Pool, Spa center
05. Constant temperature for green house, farms High temperature Heat Pumps for Drying & Steaming


TIPCO Energy Heat Pump

Gas water heater

LPG Gas Geyser

Oil Fired boiler water heater

Electrical water heater

Source type






Heating value

860 kcal/kWh

8600 kcal/Nm3

11200 kcal/ kg

10200 kcal/ kg

860 kcal/ kWh

Efficiency (assumed)






Energy consumption per day

2.07 kWh


0.85 kg

1.03 Lt


Cost (Rs.)






Cost per day (Rs.)






Annual cost (Rs.)








Under 20oC ambient temperature, 70oC to 75oC temperature for 200 Liter Water
Prices shown above is for reference only, Refer Local Charges for Actual Calculation

Domestic Heat Pump

Fan Coil

Industrial & Commercial Heat Pump

Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pump